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Longevity: a path of happiness

by John Apostolakis, Chef, MAICH, Member of the Board of the Cretan Gastronomy Club

Making use of my long experience in the field of gastronomy, having worked in various kitchens in Greece and abroad, having devoted countless hours of my free time searching for quality products to satisfy the gastronomic tastes which arouse the palates of those who have great faith in me, I have come to the conclusion for some time now that the most ideally tasteful products are those which are organic.

In the early ’60s made when a study of 7 countries was conducted under the supervision of Anjel Keys there was minimal use made of fertilizers and agricultural pesticides in our country. Since past times and up until then, farmers relied on crop roattion in the fields, pruning trees strictly, and grazing their animals in the fields, creating natural fertilization in the soil. At that time, of course, they lacked information concerning the use of certain fertilizers and pesticides, which would increase crop yields; in any case, they didn’t even have electricity in their homes. In this way, our ancestors were walking long the of well being, consuming a rather simple daily diet, which was rich in health and human relations.

Over a short period of time, we began to cccccccc the excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides, increasing production and floating in an ocean of euphoria, without taking into account that the occupied hospital beds were increasing and that we were becoming obese as a conclusion.

*[The most recent and largest study in which 33 universities took part from across Europe showed that organic cereals have much higher quantities of vitamins than what is normally found in conventional products. Carla Laser, one of the scientists responsible for the study, noted that organic products contain higher amounts of vitamin C and the trace elements iron, copper and zinc, as well as metabolites, thereby protecting against cancer and heart disease. The conclusion of the study, which was funded by the European Union and lasted four years, ended a long and intense battle. Organic fruits and vegetables contain 40% more antioxidants than conventional products, thereby protecting the body from the onset of serious illness].

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Immortal Beloved hd My long experience has led me to the conclusion that organic agricultural and livestock products dominate in taste and aroma over conventional ones. Creating a salad consisting only of organic vegetables takes on a journey through a sea of happiness, as the rich scents they supply are exuded, arousing the taste buds of our palate. The reason for this delicious result is the non-use of chemical fertilizers, which has resulted in the slow but steady growth of those plants.

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Perhaps it is time for Hania, and Crete in general, to become the organic garden of Europe, in tandem with the development of livestock. With these products, those involved in the restaurant trade can create savory temptations to fulfill the gastronomic desires of thousands of visitors. More importantly though, is the ideal that through a journey of gastronomic pleasure, we are helping to build a protective shield for our health and happiness.

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*Source: General Secretariat of Communication & Information, Directorate of Documentation & Analysis, Department of Ecological & Cultural Affairs, Bulletin of Ecological Affairs

Source: Network of Cretan Gastronomy

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