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Lamb with Pilafi in tomato soup


1 kilo lamb
1 cup olive oil
1 small onion, 1/2 kilo ripe tomatoes
2 glasses rice, salt, pepper


Chop the meat and de-bone. Then saute the meat in the oil with the onion. Add some water or broth and simmer. Then add the ground tomatoes, season with salt and pepper and boil until done. In the meantime, soak the rice in a bowl with boiled water and 1/2 handful salt and scald for half an hour, otherwise the rice may become sticky (the quantity of rice should be half the quantity of the stock). Then rinse and pour into the pot with the meat. When it starts boiling, lower the heat and cover the pot. Simmer, until the broth is completely absorbed. Remove from the heat, stir and serve immediately.


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