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Wine grapes

Cabernet Sauvignon

cabernet_sauvignon_gaillac Cabernet Sauvignon is the best-known variety in the world for quality reds which can be aged for decades in the bottle. Perhaps its most surprising feature is that it can be cultivated in different regions and yet still produce wines recognised as Cabernet Sauvignon, despite differences in climate, soil or vinification conditions. When Cabernet Sauvignon is cultivated in hot regions such as Crete, where it ripens more quickly and produces mature phenols, it gives wines with a rich colour and a full taste and aroma.

Grenache Rouge

grenache-3 A red Mediterranean variety of Spanish origin, cultivated in many hot and dry regions of the world. In Greece it is recommended as an improver. It ripens in early September. On the right soil and with medium yield, the wine of this variety has a nice colour, a medium body, a high alcohol content and medium acidity. Unfortunately it tends to age quickly and is easily oxidised. Grenache Rouge is used in the production of certain regional wines.


kotsifali-9 A red variety producing quality wine with a high alcohol content, variable colour and rich analytical data namely alcohol / sugar content and acidity. This is perceived as the typical representative of Heraklion Prefecture VQPRD wines.


liatiko Liatiko: A very old and early red variety, producing both dry and wonderful sweet wines. These have a high alcohol content, with soft tannins, medium acidity and a relatively light colour. The dry and sweet  Protected  Designation  of  Origin  wines  of Dafnes are produced from the Liatiko variety. In recent years, there has been an attempt by Cretan winemakers to revive the production of straw wines from Liatiko sun-dried grapes.


mandyl-4 A dark red variety with a high anthocyanincontent.  Blended  with  Kotsifali  to  produce  the VQPRD wine of Archanes and Peza.

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