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Wine grapes


syrah-4 A red variety which became famous for its wonderful wines from the Rhone Valley, now cultivated worldwide. It ripens in late August or early September. Depending on the clone, the pruning, the soil and the area, this variety produces medium to very strong wines of medium acidity, with a deep colour and strong aromas which become more complex as it ages. It is blended with other varieties for many regional reds and roses.


vidiano A lively cultivar, productive, fertile and resistant to downy mildew, producing strong wine of medium acidity with a distinctive aroma.


vilana-6 A white variety which produces wine with good analytical data and contributes to the Peza VQPRD. The variety is improved by blending with Dafni and Plyto..


chardone The favourite white grape of oenophiles everywhere. Originating in Burgundy and Champagne, it has gone on to conquer the world. Its wines may be fresh, with refreshing acidity and exotic fruit aromas, or riper. It is an ingredient of champagne and produces dry wines with intense aromas such as wood, vanilla, smoke, nuts, etc., which are usually enriched by ageing in barrels.


dafni-5 A variety of white grape grown in Crete and particularly in Lassithi and Heraklion Prefectures. It is lively, with a moderate yield and resistant to drought. It buds in mid-March and ripens in mid- to late September. The wine has a low to medium alcohol
content, of medium acidity with an aroma reminiscent of bay (so called “dafni” in  Greek).


thrapsathiri A white variety of the Cyclades, Crete, the Dodecanese and southern Greece in general. It was considered a clone of the Athiri variety, but it differs viticulturally and is in fact a separate variety. It is a lively, fertile and very productive plant, sensitive to downy mildew and resistant to drought. It buds in early April and ripens in the first two weeks of September. On the right soil and with a small crop load per vine, it produces slightly aromatic wines with a high alcohol content and medium acidity.

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