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Wine grapes


malvasia-at-absl A white variety producing a wine with a pleasant taste and a strong, distinctive flowery aroma with notes of Moschato. Historically linked to the famous Cretan Malmsey wine of the middle Byzantine period to the early 18th century.

White Muscat/ Spinas Muscat

moscato-bianco This variety is widely cultivated in many countries. It ripens in early September, is easily oxidised and requires careful handling during the winemaking process. Muscat can produce strong dry wines with a rich distinctive flavour, of medium acidity but above all exceptionally sweet, straw or liqueur wines, with a full nose and rounded taste.


plyto A variety grown in east Crete and Kythera. It is a lively, productive but disease-prone plant. The grapes, medium-sized with golden-yellow skin, are
harvested in mid-September.

Sauvignon Blanc

sauvignon A white aromatic variety of French origin cultivated worldwide. It was first cultivated in Greece in the early 1990s. It ripens in late August. When grown in the right climate and soil conditions with low yields and harvested at the right stage of ripeness, ensuring a balance of acidity and sugars and the preservation of its unique aromatic potential, Sauvignon Blanc gives dry wines with a rich aroma (usually of exotic fruit) and a lively, balanced and full flavour. Sauvignon Blanc can be fermented and aged in oak barrels. It is blended with other varieties to produce many regional wines.

The variety is also cultivated, in smaller quantities, and appears to have good future prospects in the Prefecture.

Source: Winery Network of Heraklion

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