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Wine grapes


merlot-1 Merlot is a red grape of French origin which produces soft wines. Its aromas are much sweeter than those of Cabernet Sauvignon, reminiscent of plum and small red fruit such as cherry and strawberry. In the mouth it gives soft tannins and low acidity, with a high alcohol content but low density.


mourvedre_grapes A Spanish red variety. This is a lively variety with medium yield, fairly resistant to fungal diseases. Its buds form very slowly, helping it to avoid early spring frosts. Its large bunches of mediumsized grapes ripen in the first two weeks of September. It produces red wines of satisfactory colour with a light aroma of black cherry with hints of eucalyptus or bay, usually with a reasonably tannic taste.


sangiovese-n-f This is the international red variety of Italy. It is mainly cultivated in Tuscany and is blended with other varieties to produce some of the great Italian wines. A medium-sized, round grape with a tough skin, purple-black in colour, not very full. Early-ripening. It prefers hills with medium to poor, arid limestone soil. Produces ruby-red wines with a dry, slightly tannic taste. Blended with Cabernet Sauvignon, it produces great mature wines.

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