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Cretan Quality Label Cretan Quality Label

Label “open wineries”

The quality Label “Open Wineries” of Region of Crete is the result of a collaborative effort of the winemakers networks of Crete. It is based on standards that have already been established by the winemakers network of Heraklion and was finalized with the help of the “Cretan Quality Agreement”. The aim of the Region of Crete, along with the creation of the Quality Label for the wineries, is to promote the Cretan vineyard and strengthen Cretan wine tourism. Wine tourism in Crete is in its infancy, but has many interesting prospects, especially when combined with the rich culinary tradition of the island and other local quality products. The basic requirements that need to be met by a winery in order for it to obtain the Quality Label “Open Wineries” of the Region of Crete are as follows:

  • Easy access for visitors.
  • Detailed information provided to the visitors concerning the products of the Cretan vineyards.
  • Suitable reception and use of appropriate equipment for wine tasting.
  • Easy and safe tours in the areas of the winery.
  • Compliance with all hygiene and food safety standards, in accordance with existing food safety legislation.
open wineries